Data on financial instruments is key to risk management, tax optimization, unbundling of products, life-cycle management and capital requirements.

Faced with the ever-increasing difficulty of finding adequate information, derilab’s founders set out to ease that pain and leverage on the value of precise and complete financial data.

derilab’s mission is to constantly look for ways to make the financial market more efficient and transparent. To that scope, derilab

1. applies its methodology to financial instruments by cleaning, enriching and monitoring their data,

2. runs a subscription-based portal with detailed information on all derivative & structured products issued, including the original product termsheet,

3. applies independent ratings and valuation on instruments [on demand],

4. advises in the structuring of products on behalf of clients.

At its core lies a simple yet powerful search engine allowing for fast and efficient searches, and a subscription-based alerting system.



Accurate data is key to understanding the risks involved in holding a financial instrument. Financial products’ complexity and, in some cases, relatively short life-span make it a challenge for Operations departments. derilab’s data management team has nearly 10 years experience in analyzing factsheets and classifying certain products like for example structured products, FoHF, etc. derilab collects the factsheets, classifies the financial instruments according to their risk/reward profile, enhances the data and sends a regular data feed with all relevant information on the product as well as timely alerts.


derilab offers a comprehensive directory to the derivative & structured products market. The zero-install, web 2.0 application offers an easy-to-use interface linked to a comprehensive product database. With its search engine covering more than 30 combinable search criteria, any securitised derivative & structured product, listed or not, is only a few clicks away. Clearly defined product categories (SSPA & ESPA classification) help keep an overview of the current product jungle. For each product, a complete standardized product sheet is available, as well as the original termsheet.


derilab offers structuring capabilities as advisor. Its banks’ and brokers’ independent position allows derilab to structure tailor-made products and to negotiate price and execution on behalf of its clients. In 2006 it launched the first Social Impact Note in Switzerland.


Active since January 2006, derilab is a privately owned Swiss company headquartered in Signy, near Geneva.

The founders of derilab combine many years experience in their respective field of expertise: banking, structuring, financial derivative & structured products and financial IT. The company is fully independent from issuing banks.